Maldives introduces digital ID mobile app for streamlined access to government services

The app, available for public preview before its official release, offers features like facial recognition and biometrics for self-verification, enhancing security and privacy.


Authorities in the Republic of Maldives have introduced a mobile app for their national digital ID system called eFaas. The app is currently available for public preview before its official release and can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. eFaas, launched in 2012, is a digital ID platform that simplifies access to government services. 

The app offers features such as self-verification using facial recognition and biometrics, enhancing security and privacy. It allows users to complete various family, health, and business transactions. The app eliminates the need for physical identification documents and enables easy access to services without re-entering login details. 

Within hours of its launch, over four thousand face authentication logins were recorded, according to the Minister of State for Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Mohamed Shareef. The Maldivian government aims to transform the country into a digital nation with simplified access to government services. Although the use of digital ID is encouraged, it is not required for voter registration for the upcoming presidential election on 9 September.