Malaysia launches digital inclusion council

The Malaysian government established a national digital inclusion council to create more income opportunities in the digital economy. The council, which will be chaired by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, has representatives from economic affairs; finance; communications and multimedia; women, family and community development; rural development; housing and local government; agriculture and agro-based industry; tourism, arts and culture; transport; entrepreneur development; youth and sports; human resources; and federal territories ministry. The council was set up as part of the new initiative to support the government’s vision of shared prosperity and uplifting social and economic quality of life for Malaysians via technology. To this aim, the Prime Minister acknowledged the local tech companies that have been recognised globally including digital creative content space, where local developers have produced internationally-recognised animation and games titles such as Boboiboy, Upin & Ipin, No Straight Roads, CryptantCrab, and Re:Legend.