Lured girls over social media platforms and raped them

The media reports, Dominic Yocco, a 19 year old man has been luring young girls, between November 2016 and July 2018, over ‘Snapchat and other social media apps into his house where he raped them’. Girls were between the age of 13 and 16. So far, six girls came forward, and new cases have been reported to the police after he has turned himself in. When it comes to Yocco’s use of social media, the police officer Tracy Panus explained ‘This gentleman has posted stories on his Snapchat where he’s luring these girls in. He’s posting stuff on his story that enables him to reach these young girls, he goes and picks them up, brings them to his house where he rapes them, sexually molests them and then he brings them home’. This is not the first case of a sexual assault in which the perpetrator is using Snapchat app for luring or dissemination of the assault.