London cinema cancels AI-written film premiere after public backlash

Concerns about the ethical implications of using AI in scriptwriting led to the cancellation, with public opposition focusing on the dangers of AI supplanting human creativity.


A central London cinema has cancelled the premiere of a film written entirely by AI following a public backlash. The Prince Charles Cinema in Soho was set to host the world debut of ‘The Last Screenwriter,’ created by ChatGPT, but concerns about ‘the use of AI in place of a writer’ led to the screening being axed.

In a statement, the cinema explained that customer feedback highlighted significant concerns regarding AI’s role in the arts. The film, directed by Peter Luisi, was marketed as the first feature film written entirely by AI, and its plot centres on a screenwriter who grapples with an AI scriptwriting system that surpasses his abilities.

The cinema stated that the film was intended as an experiment to spark discussion about AI’s impact on the arts. However, the strong negative response from their audience prompted them to cancel the screening, emphasising their commitment to their patrons and the movie industry.

The controversy over AI’s role in the arts reflects broader industry concerns, as seen in last year’s Sag-Aftra strike in Hollywood. The debate continues, with UK MPs now calling for measures to ensure fair compensation for artists whose work is used by AI developers.