LinkedIN and UN Women India project: bridging the digital divide for equal opportunities

UN Women India’s LINK Women project aims to bridge the gender gap in digital access and skills for young women in India.

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In February 2023, UN Women India met with Dan Shapero, Global COO of LinkedIn, in Mumbai to address the significance of digital access and skills for young women in India.

According to reports, despite increased literacy rates and a significant emphasis on education and training for women in India, women are still disadvantaged in education, skill development, and employment possibilities. Young girls, particularly those from underprivileged households, encounter various challenges in remaining in education.

Even though the COVID-19 epidemic has boosted the digital lifestyle among women in India, a lack of digital skills remains a concern. Women are less likely than males to own mobile phones and utilise mobile internet. This digital skills gap is critical since the demand for and supply of digital expertise is expected to triple by 2026. Women who lack digital literacy will be disadvantaged in the work market, where digital expertise is becoming increasingly valuable.