Leicester researchers to develop faster mobile tech for the upcoming 6G era

The University of Leicester advances mobile connectivity for IoT in the 6G era. Their Terahertz frequency innovation efficiently handles heavy data, improving communication quality by 10% in simulations.

6G network connecting technology concept

Researchers at the University of Leicester have developed a groundbreaking technology to supercharge mobile devices, especially those used in IoT, for faster and more efficient connectivity in the upcoming 6G era. They’ve concentrated on improving the way cell sites connect to the main network, using Terahertz frequencies to handle data loads, despite their inherent limitation in travel range.

This innovation manages multiple users demands while reducing self-interference through Multicarrier-Division Duplex (MDD) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) processing. Professor Huiyu Zhou emphasized the pivotal role of AI, specifically reinforcement learning, in precisely calibrating device selection and network configuration. This not only streamlines processes but also optimizes energy consumption and resource utilisation.