Law needs to adapt to an emerging AI-driven workplace, report says

A report published by the International Bar Association Global Employment Institute argues that current labour and employment legislation needs to be adapted to the emerging workplace reality characterised by the advancements in the field of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). While these advancements are ‘on an exponential curve’, jobs undertaken by humans are at risks of being reassigned to robots or AI systems, and the existing legislation designed to protect the workers’ rights may not be adequate any longer. The report concludes that ‘governments have to become more active and have to set flexible frameworks concerning the labour market and should promote the development of new business models’. Looking at the automotive industry, the report states that there is a 90% likelihood for jobs such a truck or taxi drivers to be eliminated in the long run. It, however, notes that ‘liability issues may become an insurmountable obstacle to the introduction of fully automated driving’.