Korea and U.S. strengthen collaboration in AI, 6G, and Digital Norms

Korea and the United States declared their commitment to research collaboration in AI, open clouds, and 6G technology, discussing digital norms. They emphasized supply chain diversity and global AI governance during high-level meetings in Washington, D.C.

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At the 7th United States-Republic of Korea ICT Policy Forum, held from September 12-13, the two nations released a joint declaration highlighting their commitment to strengthen research and development cooperation, specifically emphasising key areas, including AI, open clouds, and the evolution of 6G technology. Furthermore, the declaration encompasses active discussions surrounding digital international norms. They also plan to provide technical support to diversify the telecommunications supply chain and nurture the growth of the cloud industry through R&D and people-to-people exchanges.
In Washington D.C., Korean Vice Minister of Science and ICT Park Yun-gyu engaged with senior U.S. government officials to expand digital cooperation. They discussed Digital New Order policies, AI accountability, and trust policies, highlighting a commitment to advancing technological innovation and responsible digital policy on the international stage.