Key player in semiconductor industry targeted in major data breach

Infamous hacker Intelbroker claims to have breached AMD’s systems, leaking sensitive data including technical specifications and internal communications on BreachForums.

AMD chip

The infamous threat actor Intelbroker has purportedly masterminded a data breach targeting Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a prominent player in the semiconductor industry. The alleged breach of AMD’s systems was disclosed on BreachForums alongside detailed information about the intrusion and various data samples.

In response to these claims, AMD officials have issued a statement acknowledging the reported data breach by a cybercriminal group. The company stated that it is collaborating with law enforcement authorities and a third-party hosting partner to investigate the alleged breach and assess the nature and impact of the compromised data.

Intelbroker asserts that the leaked AMD data includes a wide range of sensitive information stolen from AMD’s databases. The data includes technical specifications, product details, and internal communications allegedly sourced from AMD’s secure servers. These disclosures not only point towards the possible extent of the breach but also raise concerns about potential vulnerabilities within AMD’s cybersecurity infrastructure.

The following incident is not the first cybersecurity challenge faced by AMD. In 2022, the company reportedly fell victim to the RansomHouse hacking group. Following the 2022 breach and the current incident, AMD initiated thorough investigations to evaluate the breach’s implications and in turn enhance its defences against cyber threats. These disclosures can potentially compromise AMD’s competitive edge and raise concerns about intellectual property theft and corporate espionage.

Who is Intelbroker?

Intelbroker, the alleged perpetrator behind the recent AMD data breach, has a track record of targeting critical infrastructure, major tech companies, and government contractors. The hacker operates as a lone wolf and employs sophisticated tactics to exploit vulnerabilities and access sensitive information. Previous breaches include infiltrations at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and US federal agencies via Acuity, emphasising the widespread impact of their activities.

The motives driving Intelbroker’s cyber campaigns range from financial gain through the sale of stolen data on dark web platforms to potential geopolitical agendas aimed at disrupting critical infrastructure and corporate operations.