Kazakh media outlet Orda’s staff suffer from months of cyberattacks and online harassment

The Committee to Protect Journalists stated on Wednesday that Kazakhstani authorities should fully examine recent threats made against independent news website Orda and its head editor, Gulnara Bazhkenova, as well as safeguard the safety of the publication and its personnel.

Following the outlet’s publishing of an investigation into suspected lobbying methods by a corporation apparently related to Kazakhstan’s former president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, several instances of internet harassment and cyberattacks against Bazhkenova, her family, and Orda happened.

While Orda has improved its cybersecurity, Bazhkenova claims that DDoS and other types of cyberattacks have been ongoing since July, with perpetrators constantly looking for ‘weak spots’ that cause the site to go offline for brief periods.