Jordanian journalist arrested for allegedly violating Jordan’s cybercrime law by writing posts on Facebook

On 15 August, Adnan Al-Rousan, a Jordanian journalist, was arrested by seven unidentified men, two of whom were in military uniform. The reasons behind this arrest are Al-Rousan’s posts on his Facebook profile, which were considered ‘insulting to Jordan’. His most recent one, on 14 August, was directed towards the ruler of Jordan, King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, saying, ‘Jordan isn’t your property, it’s for us Jordanians’.

He is believed to be violating Jordan’s cybercrime law with these posts on social media, while regularly publishing political commentary of similar content as the above mentioned.
The Committee to Protect Journalists asks for an immediate release of the reporter, while trying to get any contact information for the Jordanian public prosecutor.