Japan’s draft Integrated Innovation Strategy 2023: Promoting generative AI while addressing risks

According to a draft of the Integrated Innovation Strategy for 2023, the Japanese government will support generative artificial intelligence (AI) and enhance Japan’s domestic capabilities for developing generative AI while addressing risks like copyright infringement and the disclosure of confidential information.

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According to the draft of the Integrated Innovation Strategy for 2023, the Japanese government aims to promote and strengthen domestic capabilities to develop generative AI. The draft of the strategy acknowledges that generative AI has the potential to improve productivity and solve social issues but that it is also imperative to consider the risks that may come with it. Thus, the draft of the strategy aims to address AI risks such as copyright infringement, exposure to confidential information, false information, and cyberattacks, among others. It is emphasized that all AI-related risks will be examined in light of international discussions.

Additionally, the draft strategy focuses on leveraging advanced technologies in the security field by strengthening their use and coordinating efforts across ministries and agencies. This involves combining the Defense Ministry’s requirements with the expertise available in related departments to maximize the effectiveness of advanced technologies. The draft strategy also outlines specific plans to establish the Global Startup Campus, a collaborative research and development center with the United States, and promote “open science” to make research institution information more accessible for the benefit of society.

The Integrated Innovation Strategy is formulated annually, and the 2023 version is expected to be approved by the Cabinet in early June.