Japan to control export on chip-making equipment

Japan has imposed export controls on chip-making equipment, similar to the US policy aimed at restricting China’s access to advanced semiconductors, leading to concerns about cooperation and provoking China.

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Japan has imposed export controls on 23 types of chip-making equipment, mirroring the US policy aimed at limiting China’s access to advanced semiconductors. However, some Japanese officials have expressed worries that aligning with the US’s aggressive approach may hinder cooperation and unnecessarily provoke China. Unlike the US, Japan’s controls are not specifically targeting China, leading to concerns from Beijing.

While both Japan and the US share apprehensions about China’s technological advancements, their differing chip-making equipment controls could strain their unity. In addition, while Japan and the Netherlands will implement controls starting in September, the US is not limiting restrictions to specific tools. Coordinating Japan’s controls with those of the US and the Netherlands will require close collaboration and decision-making regarding what can be exported safely. The US is expected to update its October rules to align with the broader Japanese tool list.