ITU-T Study Group 5 approves new recommendation on green procurement practices

The L.1061 Recommendation offers technical guidance for public sector organisations to implement green procurement practices for ICTs. It proposes procurement requirements to minimise e-waste, optimise energy efficiency, extend the equipment’s useful life and maximise recyclability.

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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU)-T Study Group 5, which leads the standardisation work on electromagnetic fields (EMF), environment, climate action, sustainable digitalisation, and the circular economy, approved on 28 March 2023 the Recommendation ‘L.1061: Circular public procurement of information and communication technologies‘.

The Recommendation provides technical guidance to assist public sector organisations in increasing green procurement practices for ICT goods and services, which can help reduce emissions, e-waste, and positively influence the market. It covers personal computers, terminals, network and servers, and imaging equipment.

Specific requirements in procurement are proposed to achieve the following objectives: (1) minimising the production of e-waste and its harmful effects, (2) optimising the use of energy-efficient equipment, (3) extending the useful lifespan of equipment, and (4) maximising recyclability.

Moreover, the new standard addresses e-waste by recommending design for e-waste prevention and procurement practices for managing e-waste hierarchy, increasing energy efficiency, lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and reducing hazardous substances in e-waste.