ITU launches new initiative for empowering women in cybersecurity policy and diplomacy

The new ITU’s ‘Her CyberTracks’ program aims to empower women in cybersecurity policy debates and promote gender equality in Europe and Africa.

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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) announced the new ‘Her CyberTracks’ program to prepare women for cybersecurity policy debates while promoting gender equality in European and African countries. The initiative is scheduled from June to December 2023, and its primary goal is to foster fair, comprehensive, and significant participation of women in cybersecurity. Additionally, it aims to establish a stronger and more resilient cyberspace that benefits everyone.

ITU program, culminating in 30 years of work, comprises online and on-site training, negotiating simulation exercises, and skills for meaningfully involved member states-making processes. The initial ‘Her CyberTracks’ emphasizes providing a thorough curriculum covering cybersecurity policy-making and cyber-diplomacy. Regine Grienberger, the Cyber Ambassador from Germany’s Federal Foreign Office, stated that investing in developing cyber capacity, particularly for women, extends beyond mere technical expertise.

The new German-sponsored project provides women with specific cyber-building activities for women involved in cyber diplomacy. Grienberger further highlighted the significant transformative possibilities presented by the Her CyberTracks initiative. She stressed the importance of nurturing diversity, inclusivity, and innovation to strengthen our joint defenses against cyber threats. Grienberger called for unity, bridging the gender gap, and working collaboratively to build a safer and more resilient digital future.