ITU and UNESCO are promoting Health, Education and Big Data for enhancing societal and individual well-being

The Information Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are organising the Arab Regional Digital Inclusion Week on 22-28 September 2019 under the theme “Health, Education and Big Data for enhancing wellbeing.” The week aims at raising awareness and reinforcing collaboration among different stakeholders through inviting stakeholders across the Arab region to organise activities to promote relevant initiatives and best practices in line with the week’s theme. Such activities are further meant to provide a venue for participation and to enhance the individual and societal well-being. Activities that are held by different Arab countries cover a wide range of topics including digital inclusion, information and communication technology (ICT) accessibility policy, assistive technologies and e-accessibility for people with disability, internet universality, cybersecurity for financial institutions, and agri-food systems for smallholder farmers in the Near East and North Africa. Updates from these activities could be found on #Digitalinclusionweek.