Italy is investing money to protect workers from the threat of AI substitution

The proliferation of AI and automation, have captured the attention of regulators in several countries

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Italy allocated 30 million euros to up-skill the unemployed and workers whose jobs are most at risk due to advances in automation and Artificial Intelligence.

According to the Reuters report, the funding for educational improvement will come in two ways : €10 million of this will go towards qualifications for people at high risk of their jobs being replaced by automation and technological innovation, the remaining €20 million will be used to support the development of digital skills that increase the chances of unemployed and inactive people entering the labor market.

The proliferation of AI and automation, and the rapid development of tools like ChatGPT, have captured the attention of legislators and regulators in several countries. For that, many experts argue that new regulations are needed to regulate AI because of its potential impact on national security, education and jobs.