Italian data authority to evaluate AI platforms for privacy and legal compliance

The evaluation aligns with Garante’s continued focus on scrutinizing AI, particularly intensified after the temporary ban of ChatGPT.

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Garante, the data protection authority of Italy, is set to undertake an assessment of diverse AI platforms and bring in specialists in the field of AI. Agostino Ghiglia, a member of Garante’s board, stated that the objective is to evaluate whether these tools are adequate and tackle issues concerning data protection and adherence to privacy laws. Should it be deemed necessary, Garante will initiate further investigations based on the outcomes of this evaluation.

Garante’s current initiative to evaluate AI aligns with their ongoing focus on scrutinising the technology. This focus was intensified following the temporary ban of ChatGPT in March due to concerns over privacy and the risk of a data breach. However, the ban was eventually lifted after OpenAI fulfilled the requirements outlined by the Italian watchdog. OpenAI’s compliance involved various measures, such as providing comprehensive information regarding data collection and usage, introducing a new mechanism for EU users to express objection to their data being utilised for training, and implementing an age verification tool for users.