Israeli regulator to study whether Internet giants breach anti-trust rules

8 Jan 2018

Israel’s anti-trust regulator announced that it will look into the activities of Internet companies, such as Facebook and Google, to ensure that they are not monopolising the market and stifling competition. According to the head of the authority, Michal Halperin, anti-trust rules apply to Internet companies even if they are not registered in the country, as they ‘have a sufficient presence in Israel’. Israel has recently increased its pressure on the economic activities of Internet companies. In November 2017, the country declared that it would join the EU in pushing Internet companies to pay more tax and combat their tax avoidance.

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The impact of the Internet on businesses and the global economy has been crucial in shaping new economic models, and at the same time, raising new concerns.

The Internet is one of the primary drivers of economic growth, which is visible in many countries that have placed the development of ICT as one of the primary tools for boosting the economy.

Consumer trust is one of the main preconditions for the success of e-commerce. E-commerce is still relatively new and consumers are not as confident with it as with real-world shopping. Consumer protection is an important legal method for developing trust in e-commerce.


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