ISOC publishes IoT policy brief

The Internet Society (ISOC) has published an Internet of things (IoT) policy brief for policymakers that deal with privacy challenges and risks of IoT devices in homes, workplaces, and public spaces. The brief defines IoT and their privacy challenges while focusing on issues of trust, control, and transparency. The brief highlights how IoT characteristics (scale, proximity, ubiquity, and connectedness) make it easier for users to be identified, tracked, profiled, and influenced. The brief offers several principles for policymakers that should assist in dealing with these challenges: (a) Enhance user control of IoTs and services while enabling users to manage the data devices and services collect , (b) Improve transparency by providing clear, accurate, relevant, and appropriately detailed information, (c) Regularly update privacy laws and policies to reflect the continuous changes in technological monitoring, (d) Strengthen the multistakeholder approach in dealing with IoT privacy challenges by broadening stakeholders and participants enabled to take part in IoT policy debates.