Ireland seeks to use €1.5 billion to enhance workers’ skills for a green and digital economy

Irish government considers using 1.5 billion euros fund to provide training for workers and prepare for the green and digital economy.

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The Irish government is considering using a State training fund to provide free or subsided upskilling courses for workers in line with the energy and the digital economy.

The fund, known as the National Training Fund (NTF), was originally created to support upskilling and retraining efforts and has amounted to 1.5 billion euros. By redirecting the surplus, the government aims to meet the increasing demand for climate change and digital expertise. It follows a recent OECD skills review for Ireland which warned that many Irish adults are at risk of falling behind. This move aligns with Ireland’s strategy to transition to a low-carbon economy and establish itself as a digital leader. 

The proposal has garnered support from trade unions and business organisations, who view it as an opportunity to bridge the skills gap and drive economic growth. While specific details are yet to be finalised, the government intends to collaborate with industry experts and stakeholders to ensure the effective utilisation of the funds.