Ireland Consumer Rights Act came into force

Ireland Consumer Rights Act came into force, consolidating and updating consumer law protection, including digital goods and services.

On 29 November 2022, the Ireland Consumer Rights Act 2022 (CRA) came into force. The CRA exchanged into law, among others, the Revised Sale of Goods Directive, the Contracts of the Supply of Digital Content and Digital Services Directive, and the Omnibus Directive.

The CRA enhances and modernises consumer protection laws extending them to digital goods and services and strengthening consumer rights and remedies. The fundamental changes introduced by the new legislation are:

• More substantial redress rights in case something goes wrong with the product or service purchased;
• New consumer rights for digital goods and services, including the requirement for businesses to provide information on how any digital updates would be provided and over what time;
• Stronger rights and remedies for service contracts such as repair, replacement, price reduction, cancellation of the contract, and total refund;
• Consumer Contract rights: business must provide essential information before the consumer signs up for a contract;
• Unfair Contract terms: prohibition of certain terms to be included in the terms and conditions of consumer contracts;
• Prohibition of fake reviews; and
• New Competition and Consumer Protection Commission enforcement powers.