Iraq and Kuwait forge agreement to establish direct telecom route to Europe

Iraq and Kuwait have signed a landmark agreement to create a direct telecom link to Europe. This move promises faster data transmission and boosts economic ties between the two nations and Europe.

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Zajil Telecom, a Kuwaiti telecommunications company, has formed a strategic partnership with the Iraqi Informatics & Telecommunication Public Company (ITPC) to establish an alternative telecommunications route linking the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to Europe through Iraq.

Dr Al Yasiri, Iraqi Minister of Communications, highlighted the significance of this initiative, positioning Iraq as a secure land corridor and a viable competitor to the traditional maritime route through the Suez Canal. Leveraging its assets, including the 100% terrestrial Kalaam Network Optical Transit (KNOT) cable system and participation in the Europe India Gateway (EIG) consortium’s submarine network, Kalaam Telecom Group introduces ‘Kalaam Iraq Transit’ as an innovative route option. This route promises reduced latency, increased resilience, security, reliability, and overall improved performance, effectively addressing geopolitical risks and capacity constraints.

Through collaboration with the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) and obtaining a landing license in Kuwait, Zajil Telecom ensures consistent performance and minimal data loss for businesses connecting the GCC to Europe. Nezar Mohammad Al Saie, Chairman of Kalaam, sees this strategic investment as crucial for regional and global market expansion.