IoT worm identified that improves the security of IoT devices

Security firm Symantec reported that a worm initially discovered in October 2016, and which has infected tens of thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices so far, is actually helping improve the security of the infected devices. So far, the program, known as Hajime, has not caused any malicious effects, but has in turn prevented the well-known Mirai malware from infecting the devices (by blocking access to certain ports on the IoT devices). Although Hajime is carrying a message saying ‘Just a white hate, securing some systems’, Symantec warns that ‘there is a question around trusting that the author is a true white hat and is only trying to secure these systems, as they are still installing their own backdoor on the system. […] If the author’s intentions change they could potentially turn the infected devices into a massive botnet.