Internet supports feminist humor with Arab focus

StepFeed‘s Rayana Khalaf calls the Kharabish Nasawiya (Feminist Doodles), Facebook page ‘the best thing on the internet right now‘. The author of the Facebook page, a feminist researcher with degrees in Art and Gender and Women’s Studies, says that ‘It aims towards recycling pop art found on the internet and give it a feminist tone and message in Arabic.’ She focuses on ‘communicating and deconstructing the system of oppression in Arabic through those comics’.

                                                                                   Cartoon image of man and woman

                                                                                   Him: Smile, you will look so much better if you smile.

                                                                                  Her: Leave me alone. It would look so much better if you leave me alone.

Karen Guan, from StudyBreaks at Southern Methodist University (USA), has highlighted four feminist magazines and online communities to ‘help you get through 2018’, Bitch Magazine, Wear Your Voice, Bust, and The Siren, which she recommends to those who want to gather more information and gain insight on feminist topics.