Internet organisations collaborate to boost Caribbean network resilience

A new initiative to make Caribbean Internet infrastructure less vulnerable to the impact of climate change and natural disasters is gaining momentum across the region, and significant attention has been paid over the past few months to the issue of strengthening the resilience of Caribbean networks and to the development of greater technical capacity in the region.

Recent talks were held in Puerto Rico over a more collaborative approach to Caribbean communications network resilience. The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) formed a Commission on Caribbean Communications Resilience (CCCR) to identify actionable recommendations.

In the lead up to the 2018 hurricane season, CCCR commissioners met with representatives of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The meeting was designed to explore opportunities for engagement and collaboration as the region seeks pathways to increase the resilience of regional communications infrastructure during recurrent extreme natural phenomena. Both organisations shared some of the lessons learned from the historic 2017 Atlantic hurricane season and focused on identifying practical recommendations so that the region’s response can be triggered in a more proactive and meaningful way.

The commission is expected to share a draft report soon, with recommendations for Caribbean governments, regulators, and communications ministries to strengthen regional communication network resilience and improve policy, infrastructure, regulation, technologies, and systems.