Internet: The next frontier for accessibility for persons with disabilities

Accessibility for persons with disabilities is possible and necessary according to The Internet Is The Next Frontier In Making The World Accessible To All. Author Anzilotti notes that the crucial space of the Internet has been bypassed, even though developers can program websites to be accessible, quoting Marek Lacek of Accessible360 as saying ‘They’ve just never been trained because no one has raised it as an issue. When they write code, they write it for the able-bodied.’ Lacek highlights the need to develop accessible sites, from a business, as well as an ethical standpoint: ‘If you have a presence on the Internet, you need to be accessible.’ Anzilotti concludes: ‘Failing to bring along a near quarter of the population by leaving their websites inoperable for people with disabilities is both a poor business strategy and a breach of civil rights.’