Internet avoiders cite concerns about privacy and affordability

news reportwhich published the findings of a recent survey of 2000 peopleby researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) have shown that 69 percent of those not online have cited a lack of interest as their main reason. This same group also base their lack of interest on the implications of the Internet on their privacy compared to existing users. The survey findings further showed that a greater number of non-users of the Internet fell within the low income bracket with four in ten reported to be on an income of less than £12,500. Typical as this finding is, it is clear that affordability of Internet services is a major discouragement for non-users.

As rightly pointed by OII’s Dr Grant Blank, who authored the survey, “these concerns could perpetuate the digital divide, with many people missing out on the benefits of the internet, such as access to health information, employment opportunities and reduced prices online.”