International Criminal Court (ICC) investigates cyberattack

The organisation is currently investigating the incident.

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The ICC is currently investigating a recently revealed cyberattack on its systems, in collaboration with ICC’s host country, the Netherlands.

According to the ICC, unusual activity affecting its information systems was identified towards the end of the previous week. Immediate actions were taken to address the cybersecurity incident and minimise its impact. However, no specific details regarding the extent or nature of the cyberattack, including whether any data or files were accessed or exfiltrated, have been disclosed at this time.

The ICC emphasised its commitment to analysing and mitigating the incident’s impact while ensuring the continuity of its core operations. The ICC’s spokesperson, Fadi El-Adballah, stated that further information cannot be provided at this stage.

Additionally, the ICC has outlined plans to enhance its cybersecurity defences, including the accelerated adoption of cloud technology.

The ICC is an international tribunal responsible for investigating and prosecuting serious offences that affect the international community, such as war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity. Recently, Karim Khan, the ICC’s lead prosecutor, has emphasised the court’s commitment to investigating cybercrimes that potentially violate the Rome Statute.