Intel and Qualcomm executives to meet US officials on China policy

US chip CEOs plan Washington trip to discuss China policy. The executives are determined to directly confront the challenges posed by Chinese tech companies and seek viable solutions to enhance the US semiconductor industry’s competitive position.

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Top executives from Intel Corp and Qualcomm Inc are scheduled to meet with US officials to address China policy, focusing on market conditions, export controls, and related business matters. The discussions aim to shed light on the potential consequences of stricter chip sales regulations in China, as executives express concerns about the impact on profits and hindrance to research and development efforts.

According to a source, the executives aim to provide government officials with a clear understanding of the potential consequences of further tightening regulations on chip sales to China. The key discussion points will focus on the potential implications of stricter export rules, specifically regarding high-performance computing chips and shipments to Huawei, which could impact Intel’s new AI chip for China and Qualcomm’s chip sales license to Huawei.