Infinite Wireless negotiates expansion in African market

On 4 November, at the Russia-Africa Economic Forum and Summit, Infinet Wireless, a fixed broadband wireless systems provider, announced its partnership with multiple African countries.

Infinet Wireless’ CEO Dmitry Okorokov and Cameroon’s Technical Support Engineer, Ludovic Takam negotiated with companies from Egypt, Algeria, Bolivia, Nigeria, South Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, and Cameroon. Through this partnership, Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) accepted to form a pilot zone to modernise and widen existing infrastructure using Infinet equipment. An agreement was also made with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and Courier Services of the Republic of Zimbabwe for the implementation of joint projects.

Okorokov said that they are familiar with the African business environment, which is quite promising and growing fast, and that security and modern telecommunications infrastructure will be their focus.