Inequality in a rapidly changing world examined in the World Social Report

The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) released its flagship publication the World Social Report 2020 under the title Inequality in a Rapidly Changing World which investigates the impact of four such megatrends on inequality: technological innovation, climate change, urbanisation, and international migration. The report examines the winners and losers of the technological revolution and identifies the current technological divides and opportunities for inclusion. Technological change can be an engine of economic growth, offering new possibilities in health care, education, communication and productivity for skilled workers and those who can hone their skills. Yet, it can also exacerbate wage inequality and displace workers particularly low-skilled and medium-skilled workers. The report found that the potential of technology to promote sustainable development can only be realised if everyone has access to it which is hampered by the digital divides. Hence, it recommends proactive policies and supportive institutions to help ensure that technological dividends are broadly shared.