Industrial Internet Consortium explores digital transformation for IIoT

Following a joint publication with the IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA) on how digital transformation and Internet of things (IoT) can contribute to the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs); the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) published a white paper on digital transformation for the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and the role innovation processes play in it. The paper, Digital Transformation in Industry White Paper, identifies three categories of digital transformation initiatives: (a) New business models, entailing an enterprise to transform to offer substantially changed services to technology users, often associated with new ways of charging for services; (b) Enterprise operations, focusing primarily on increasing the efficiency (or reducing the cost, or risk) of providing products and services to technology users; (c) Customer experience, focusing on changing the customer experience in absence of other changes. It further covers the disruptive technologies that transform the way companies operate, service, and maintain equipment.