Indonesia leads National Digital Integration Initiative with launch of “INA Digital” platform

This initiative seeks to consolidate nine essential services such as population administration, education, and healthcare into a unified portal, signaling a substantial advancement in the country’s e-government sector.


President Joko Widodo convened a high-level meeting with ministers to propel the integration and transformation of national digital services to modernize administrative services.

The initiative, highlighted by unveiling the “INA Digital” platform, aims to consolidate nine essential services, such as population administration, education, and healthcare, into a unified portal, signaling a significant leap in Indonesia’s e-government landscape. Managed by state-owned Peruri, ministries are tasked with integrating with INA Digital by May.

Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas’s initiative aligns with global trends in Government Technology (GovTech), bolstering efficiency and transparency in public service delivery. The envisioned future entails a simplified experience with Single Sign-On (SSO) access, while biometric-based digital identity issuance is anticipated by May or June.

Why does it matter?

While the initiative presents a promising vision for Indonesia’s e-government future, continued monitoring and evaluation, alongside communication with stakeholders, will be essential to ensure its successful implementation and address any potential challenges or gaps in service delivery. Notably, Indonesia climbed to 77th place in the UN e-government index in 2022, up 11 spots from 2020, highlighting its efforts to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and attract investors.