India withdraws ‘no photocopying Aadhar card’ warning

India has retracted its warning against photocopying Aadhar cards due to public panic. The warning, forbidding leaving copies, sparked debate on social media, reigniting concerns about Aadhar’s widespread use despite a Supreme Court ruling against mandatory submission in 2018.

India’s press information bureau has withdrawn a warning on photocopying of Aadhar cards, after it caused panic among members of the public. The warning prohibited residents from leaving copies of their Aadhar card, warning that they could be misused. People however pointed out that it had become practice to leave copies of the card at establishments such as hotels, leading to a viral debate on social media. 

The warning reignites debate on the increasing use of Aadhar for identification, even though a 2018 Supreme Court Judgement had prohibited the government from making it mandatory.