India to take hands-off approach to AI regulation, say Minister

The Indian government aims to prioritize user protection from potential harm caused by AI rather than enforcing strict regulations on its application, focusing on establishing solid protective measures and guidelines.

digital representation of India

The Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, stated that the Indian government will not regulate the application of AI. Instead, they plan to focus on regulating user harm from AI and establishing guidelines that promote safe usage across all AI platforms. This approach is reflected in the draft Digital India Act, which covers emerging technologies such as AI and Web3.

The government considers AI to be vital for the advancement of both the digital economy and the digital government strategy. In order to advance the adoption of AI, the government initiated the IndiaAI program, which encompasses the creation of three Centers of Excellence, the India Datasets program, the DI Bhashini platform, and the cultivation of collaborations with academia, startups, and industry. The government aims to create a vibrant startup ecosystem capable of building commercially deployable AI platforms and solutions, focusing on developing Indianized AI tools.