India mandates USB-C ports for smartphones and tablets to curb e-waste

India is set to mandate USB-C as the standard charging port for smartphones and tablets from June 2025, aligning with the EU’s efforts to enhance user convenience and reduce electronic waste.

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The Indian government plans to follow the European Union’s lead and make USB-C the standard charging port for smartphones and tablets starting in June 2025. All new smartphones and tablets sold in India must have USB-C charging ports once the policy takes effect. India had previously indicated its intention to introduce similar regulations following the EU’s decision, with the original deadline set for March 2025.

The implementation of the EU law is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. Its main goal is to enhance user convenience and decrease electronic waste by eliminating various charger requirements. For instance, Apple has adhered to this regulation by transitioning from its exclusive Lightning connector to USB-C for its iPhone 15 devices.

India has implemented new regulations to simplify charging solutions, minimise electronic waste, and align with global standards, mirroring the legislative actions previously undertaken by the EU. According to a report by Mint, these regulations initially encompass smartphones and tablets, with plans to include laptops by 2026 while excluding basic phones and wearables.