India: Government-appointed task force issues recommendations on AI

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force created by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry has published its report exploring possible implications of AI technological progress for India and outlining several recommendations to the government. Noting that ‘AI should be seen as a scalable problem solver in India rather than only as a booster of economic growth’, the Task Force recommends: (a) the creation of an inter-ministerial National AI mission to coordinate AI-related activities in India; (b) enabling the setting up of digital data banks, marketplaces and exchanges to ensure availability of cross-industry data and information; (c) participating in the elaboration of operation standards for AI-based systems; (d) putting in place enabling policies to encourage and facilitate the development and deployment of AI-based products (such as data policies regarding ownership, sharing rights and usage, as well as tax incentives to support innovation); (e) elaborating an AI education strategy to develop human resources with necessary skills; (f) supporting reskilling of the current workforce; (g) participating in the international policy discussion on the governance of AI technologies; and (h) leveraging bilateral partnership on the development of AI solutions for social and economic problems and for sharing best practices in regulation.