IFC, SEACOM partnership to increase access to quality IT services for African businesses

IFC, SEACOM partners to develoop Africa’s digital infrastructure.

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The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank entity dedicated to private sector growth and development in developing countries, has partnered with SEACON, Africa’s largest digital infrastructure service company, to expand the continent’s broadband and cloud-based infrastructure. In pursuit of SEACOM’s goal to close the connectivity gap in Africa, the company will now be able to leverage some $207 million USD the IFC was able to mobilise.

SEACOM has strategically set out to digitally transfer 24,000 enterprises in several low-income International Development Association countries (LIC-IDA) on the continent by 2027, enabling them to better serve the needs of their customers. SEACOM offers improved access to the internet and heightened cloud and cybersecurity hygiene.

The IFC is committed to investing in LIC-IDA’s digital infrastructure to develop widespread, affordable connectivity.