IDB and Microsoft’s partnership will extend digital transparency platform throughout Latin America and the Caribbean

In 2017, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched the InvestmentMap, an information management tool that supports transparency and efficiency of Latin American and Caribbean public investments. At the time of the launch, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Paraguay were the first Latin-American’s countries scheduled to launch InvestmentMap.

Expansion was a key component of the action plan announced in 2017, and now,  new platforms are being developed in Argentina, the Bahamas, and Jamaica, while additional countries are being considered.

The InvestmentMap includes information on the funding and progress of individual projects at national, subnational, and local levels. These platforms are created by the IDB in collaboration with Microsoft, which provides cloud, and design support. In the next round, InvestmentMap will feature new artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities to gather insights and improve decision making among policymakers.