ICT sector offers empowerment for women

An article in GreenBiz reports on the situation for women’s opportunities in the ICT sector, first with a background from a BSR report ‘Building Effective Women’s Economic Empowerment Strategies‘, and then highlighting both challenges women face and advantages the ICT sector offers to professional women. While recognising the truism that more work needs to be done, the article points out that ‘ICT platforms can support employee engagement through interactive training programs and services related to gender equality or discrimination’, the articles and information presented also emphasise that this support to women’s engagement is good for business as well as for the women, citing projects around the world, including Samasource, which has employed more than 8,000 people in Haiti, India, Kenya and Uganda, and  The Women and the Web Alliance which hopes to bring  600,000 young women online in Nigeria and Kenya in the next three years.