IBM, Meta launch AI Alliance to drive responsible and open AI for a better future

The AI Alliance aims to promote responsible AI through various initiatives, including the development of benchmarks, standards, and tools for the responsible use of AI globally

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IBM and Meta have jointly unveiled the AI Alliance, a collaborative initiative encompassing over 50 influential members, including renowned entities such as AMD, CERN, and NASA.

The primary objective of the AI Alliance revolves around the responsible utilisation of AI’s potential, with a strong emphasis on safety, diversity, and economic prosperity. Functioning as a collaborative hub, this Alliance assembles a diverse array of stakeholders, including industry players, academic institutions, startups, and governmental bodies, fostering an environment conducive to open innovation and scientific integrity in AI development.

Key components of the AI Alliance:

  • Open-Source AI Advocacy: Promoting an open-science approach to AI development, emphasising accessibility for safety, diversity, economic opportunities, and responsible AI practices.
  • Collaboration Dynamics: Bringing together diverse organisations from various industries to foster collaborative efforts in responsible AI development.
  • Establishment of Working Groups and Governance Frameworks: Creating dedicated groups and committees to advance critical areas such as AI trust, infrastructure, and open-source models.
  • Leveraging Existing Collaborations: Levrage pre-existing partnerships to identify and develop open AI resources that cater to societal and business needs while ensuring responsible AI advancements.

Moreover, the AI Alliance plans to establish a curated catalogue of validated safety, security, and trust tools. Their objective is to endorse the adoption of these tools within the developer community. Additionally, the alliance seeks to actively contribute to public discussions and inform policymakers about the advantages, risks, potential solutions, and the need for precise regulations concerning AI. This commitment underscores their dedication to transparency and engaging the public in these crucial conversations.