IBM launches Quantum Safe: Ensuring future-proof security for business and government data

IBM unveils Quantum Safe, an end-to-end solution to secure business and government data in the era of quantum computing. With expertise in cryptography, it addresses future security risks. The Quantum Safe Roadmap guides industries toward post-quantum cryptography.

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IBM has introduced a comprehensive set of tools and technologies called Quantum Safe to protect business and government data in the era of quantum computing. The Quantum Safe solution combines expertise in cryptography and critical infrastructure to address the potential security risks posed by quantum computers. IBM also unveiled the Quantum Safe Roadmap, which aims to guide industries in adopting post-quantum cryptography.

To help clients prepare for the post-quantum era, IBM’s new capabilities include the Quantum Safe Explorer, which scans source and object code to identify vulnerabilities and create a cryptography bill of materials. The Quantum Safe Advisor provides a dynamic view of cryptographic inventory to guide remediation efforts, while the Quantum Safe Remediator allows organizations to deploy and test quantum-safe remediation patterns.

IBM emphasizes the importance of quantum-safe encryption in addressing future quantum-based cybersecurity threats. Companies should also establish a migration plan to transition to quantum-safe technology and consider adopting a crypto-agile approach that combines classical cryptography with post-quantum algorithms. IBM’s Quantum Safe technology aims to provide a robust and future-proof security framework in the face of advancing quantum computing capabilities.