IBM and Moderna to collaborate on COVID-19 vaccine supply chain and distribution data sharing

Moderna and IBM made a joint announcement that the companies plan to work together in exploring technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and hybrid cloud, to help support smarter COVID-19 vaccine management. A pilot of open, standardised, technology-enabled vaccine distribution approaches will be central to the effort, that aimed to improve supply chain visibility and foster near real time tracking of vaccine administration. The companies aim to identify ways technology can be used to help accelerate secure information sharing between governments, healthcare providers, life science organisations, and individuals. The initial work includes piloting of IBM’s vaccine management solutions that enable governments and healthcare providers to quickly and securely share data regarding individual vaccine batches as they travel through the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain. IBM’s Digital Health Pass will also be utilised to allow organisations to verify health credentials for employees, customers, and travelers based on specific criteria set by the organisation.