Huawei and partners release white paper on 5G network

Huawei and its industry partners, such as China Mobile and Nokia, released a white paper titled 5G-Advanced Technology Evolution from a Network Perspective. The paper aims to provide guidelines that will promote 5G technologies and build a sustainable 5G industry. It explains why it is important to promote the development of 5G core network architecture and technologies that are in line with Huawei’s business models. To enable 5G to reach maturity and fuel digital and intelligent transformation of industries, 5G requires the convergence of DT, OT, IT and CT (DOICT). It also introduced three main highlights of 5G-Advanced technologies:

  • AI will take the capabilities and quality of services to new levels through network functions and network management. 
  • Convergence will combine different radio access technologies (RATs) and different types of networks for unified support. 
  • Enablement will customise networks with proactivity, flexibility, and resource isolation under 5G-Advanced capabilities. 

Huawei emphasised that cooperation is important and it is eager to work out a solution with industry partners to ignite 5G development and strengthen a 5G industry.