Huawei and Kuwait government partner to support IT talents

Huawei and Kuwait’s Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) partnered to promote Kuwait’s digital transformation through an initiative to train IT talent within the public sector. Through this partnership, Huawei will provide an online training platform and free exam opportunities to participants alongside Arabic-based training on cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and other advanced technologies to support digital transformation and empower various talents. ‘Investments in talent development are equally as important to realising digitalisation goals as building physical infrastructure. An intelligent society requires individuals who are digitally savvy, and who have the qualifications to understand not only how the latest technologies work, but how best to deploy them to benefit all members of society. Huawei is committed to enhancing the ICT talent ecosystem and is pleased to work with CAIT to help build digital talent within Kuwait’s public sector,’ noted Huawei Gulf North office CEO Liam Zhao.