How to resolve differences between the EU and the USA on AI and data governance?

EU and USA have to resolve differences on AI and data governance in a very short time period.

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According to Nick Fick, the US ambassador for cyberspace and digital policy, EU-USA needs to coordinate their digital governance approaches in order to deal with a wide range of digital challenges coming from China.

EU and USA encounter differences in their approaches to AI and data governance. Ambassador Flick was critical of the EU’s incoming AI Act as being too restrictive for the AI industry, particularly from the USA. He called for a ‘deft touch’ for AI governance.

On data protection, he commented on new developments triggered by a record $1.2 billion fine on Meta imposed by the Irish Data Protection Commission imposed. As a part of the ruling, META has six months deadline to provide proper data protection or stop transfers of data from Europe to the USA. TAmbassador Flick commented that it is ‘quite an aggressive timeline to get to a [US] domestic [privacy] consensus, let alone a transatlantic consensus. But I think it’s imperative that we figure this one out.’

The EU and the USA digital diplomats have to accelerate their negotiations on AI and data.

Source: Irish Times