How marketers can use AI in digital commerce

AI offers new opportunities for marketers in digital commerce, particularly in personalization and automation. Generative AI like ChatGPT also opens up possibilities for content generation.

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AI innovation in digital commerce provides marketers with new opportunities for growth and efficiency. This is especially true in personalisation, automation, and content exploration.

Personalisation is a mature use case where AI is critical in personalised discovery, product recommendations, and conversational commerce. AI-driven personalisation leads to commercial growth, improved customer experience, and operational efficiencies.

Automation is another key use case, enabling marketers to optimise targeting, media investments, product content quality, and merchandising. The main benefit of automation is freeing up resources for more value-added activities.

The emergence of generative AI assistants like ChatGPT enables marketers to explore content generation, which has the potential to synthetically generate outbound marketing messages and support personalisation and automation use cases. To get started with AI in digital commerce, establish AI governance, identify the top ROI-generating use cases, pilot and scale the most impactful use case, and prioritise and pilot other opportunities.