How does digitalisation impact UN Security Council priorities beyond core cybersecurity questions?

US ambassador to the UN identifies 3 priority areas for digitalisation & UN Security Council: getting more data and information; apps for crisis management & humanitarian aid; helping UN peacekeeping missions

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Cybersecurity is often in the news, but the impact of digitalisation on security includes much more: from food and climate, to supply chains and peacekeeping.

This holistic impact of digitalisation on modern society is behind USA’s push for higher relevance of digitalisation on UN Security Council’s agenda.

In an Economist article, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield identified three steps for strengthening links between digitalisation and security in the work of the UN Security Council.

First, DATA gathered from satellites to smart tractors can help in making more informed and proactive actions regarding climate, food, and political crisis.

Second, DIGITAL TOOLS can help in handling crisis, from the distribution of humanitarian assistance to helping those in need of assistance.

Third, DIGITAL PEACE can be strengthened by using social media, GPS monitoring, and other tools in UN peacekeeping missions.

The article also calls for wider access to the internet, digital literacy, and the development of new apps and tools for crisis management and humanitarian assistance.