Hong Kong’s police has opened ‘CyberDefender Metaverse’ platform to the public

Hong Kong’s police launched ‘CyberDefender Metaverse’ platform to educate the public and raise awareness about the threats and opportunities in the metaverse and Web3.

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In response to the potential risks of cybercriminal activities in the metaverse, the Hong Kong Police’s Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB) has introduced the ‘CyberDefender Metaverse’ platform. This initiative aims to educate and increase public awareness regarding both the risks and opportunities present in the metaverse and Web3. With the increase of virtual asset-related cases, resulting in a staggering $1.7 billion in damages during 2022, the police anticipate that various forms of cybercrime occurring in cyberspace will also manifest within the metaverse.

Exploring the Cyber DefenderMetaverse platform, the public will gain insights and metaverse-related knowledge, preparing them for the future of the digital era. Hong Kong’s police will organise further educational initiatives to enhance especially the digital literacy of the younger generation.